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Yin & Sound 

Journey through the heart to the heart 

Cardio-centric hypothesis, believes that our heart has a profound influence on our emotions, cognition and awareness. This notion dates to ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, that believed the heart is the home of all wisdom and emotions. 

Polyvagal theory states that the more we can bring ourselves back into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest, to a state of equanimity, balance, and calm, the more our bodies can heal themselves. Making us more whole. This is how we become more aligned with our authentic selves. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the heart is known as the emperor organ, master of all. If our heart is happy and healthy so, are we. 
This two-hour journey into the heart via yin yoga and sound journey, where you will be guided through a delicious 90 min Yin yoga practice, breath work and 30 min sound bath targeting the heart meridians, heart space otherwise know as our anahata chakra. The seat of love and compassion. 

Yin yoga, breath work (pranayama) and the resonance of the crystal singing bowls have been shown to bring us back to into a deep state of relaxation that bring us back into rest and digest. This two hour workshop will focus on postures and sounds that target the heart and small intestine meridian. Our intension is to leave you feeling a little more nurtured and nourished in time for our winter solstice a time of turning inward and nurturing the soul 

✨Please BYO towel or shawl to cover bolsters. 
✨Wear something cozy and comfortable. 


We are all here for a divine purpose.

We all have a place in this world to shine our unique light bright.

Empowering workshop for Yoga and Pilates instructors and Sole Traders about Money Matters

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Women and Non-binary Circle for Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, Sole traders and or small business owners 

This event was created out of the desire and need to learn how manage my own finances, superannuation, taxes and how to budget as a yoga teacher.

Wisdom shared from a successful financial advisor that makes financial literacy interesting. Think of it like financial wellness for your bank balance.

Jax will lead you through a cacao ceremony & meditation to drop into your heart. At the end of the day money is energetic, therefore spiritual. 

The intentions is empower sole traders to make better financial decisions.   

🌕 When: Sunday, 14th July 

Time: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

📍 Location: Hot Dog Yoga

      Level 1/15 Knox St, Double Bay


Plant Shadow

Every full moon, Jax brings women from all across Sydney together to  connect, share & grow. 

To show up them ourselves and for each other.

To see, hear and acknowledge one another.

To listen deeply and with intent.

To hold space.


 Full Moon Women's Circles 

'The painful things seemed like knots on a beautiful necklace, necessary for keeping the beads in place'
- Anita Diamant 


About Jax

Jax supports women to embody true transformational healing and shift into higher levels of consciousness. 

Jax founded Moon Magick in 2020 as a place for women to gather, connect, inspire and empower themselves and one another.

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Private 1:1 Breathwork & Yoga

Jax is a qualified Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Pre & Post Natal Yoga teacher with nearly 10 years of teaching experience.


Jax can tailor yoga classes and sequences to you body's needs and requirements which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

New Moon and Full Moon 
Women & Non-Binary Circles 

Circles are an opportunity for women and non-binary people to come together to connect to each other, their Bodies, breath and spirit. General we get together to do Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Journaling around an inspired theme or guest speaker. 

Counselling | Hypnotherapy |Reiki

Counsellor-in-training studying Jax is in her final year of her Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy degree.

Qualified Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master level I. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in treating many anxiety related behavioural issues, such as nail biting, help to quit smoking and certain phobias. Reiki is a Japanese form of therapy that aims to release energetic blocks and increase energy relaxation in your body. 

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