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Goddess Circle
An invitation to come home to yourself

Silver Rings

Women have been gathering in circle since the beginning of time.

To share space, experiences, stories and support one another.

We learn in circle from one another and better yet we support and empower one another to flourish and bloom. 


What is a Full Moon Women's circle?


Full Moon Women's Circle 

A heart and Soul Connection


When: Friday 29 Sept 7 - 9pm

Where: Pyrmont Yoga  - 2/ 123 Harris St Pyrmont


Friday 29 Sept marks a full Moon in Pisces. This Full Moon Women's Circle is all about "Belonging, Connection & Community"

We will gather in Pyrmont (Pirrama~ Land of the Go-Mo-Ra People) for an evening of;

  • Sacred Cacao

  • Journal writing

  • Intention setting

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

We gather under the light of the full moon to discuss all things connection, belonging, community, cycle and connection to the land through ritual.

Please BYO:

  • Yoga mat

  • Keep cup or mug

  • Journal & favourite pen


*Anything else that will help make you feel more warm and cosy - ie cushion, eye mask, crystal(s), feathers, fuzzy bed socks etc 

Please ensure to book in advance to avoid missing out (as spaces will be limited).

"The first time I joined Jax’s Full Moon Women Circle was at the beginning of January 2020 when the pandemic seemed still something unreal for the most of us. Jax led a beautiful meditation where she explained how we are all connected in some way to the moon cycle and how it could help us to release our burdens and set new intentions."

- Chiara June 2021

Join Jax and other beautiful women to partake in an evening of soulful & heartfelt connections.

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