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It is my entirely my privilege to be in Jax’s orbit. Fortuitous is the right word as her yogic guidance along with her open embrace of those in her class is phenomenal. I have also been terribly lucky to attend her women’s circles and walked away peaceful placed in a space of calm and purpose. Jax thank you for all that you do, for who you are, and the calming, kind and effusive energy that you bring about in all that you do.

Hema Prakash
President and Managing Director of Mind Body Online. 

Jax yoga forest.jpg

“I had the opportunity to attend the “Moon Magick Byron Retreat” in May 2021. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a short retreat that will leave you feeling connected, renewed, and empowered. The accommodation was stunning, the food delicious and I especially enjoyed the yoga, art activity and local excursions. Jax did an amazing job to ensure everyone felt included and was having a comfortable stay. Given the chance, I would certainly attend again.”

Co-Founder of Simple Consulting Co.

"At first I was skeptical about the whole process of hypnotherapy. The belief that I'd be able to just let go and "go under" and in some kind of unconscious trance just wasn't there for me. However Jackie explained the whole process to me beforehand and I felt more at ease and let down my guard. Before I knew it, with the use her calming voice, I was completely relaxed and felt like I was ready to go to sleep but I was awake and alert listening to her instructions like I was under some kind of spell. When it was over I felt relaxed and hopeful. The result 4 weeks later is that I've for the most part stopped biting my nails. The act of biting has significantly slowed down and the trigger of anxiety reduced. I look forward to doing a few more sessions with her 🙏🏽"

Kylie Smith
39 year old Social worker


"The first time I joined Jax’s Full Moon Women Circle was at the beginning of January 2020 when the pandemic seemed still something unreal for the most of us. Jax led a beautiful meditation where she explained how we are all connected in some way to the moon cycle and how it could help us to release our burdens and set new intentions. I attended two other women’s circle in 2020 and decided to expand my soul when she invited me to her Moon Magick Retreat in Byron Bay in May 2021. Jax held space for 8 other beautiful women where we were able to learn from each other. The retreat was a perfect balance between downward and upward energies. There was a ‘Digital Detox Collage Box Workshop’ during the retreat which really helped me release my creativity and put my mind at peace. The food was delicious, all vegan and made with so much love!! The retreat was REAL MAGICK and I was in an energetic state a whole month after the retreat!"

PhD student

jax yoga plants.jpg

I want to thank you 🙏 for the beautiful opportunity to be part of the women's circle. 👩‍👧‍👧Thank you so much for providing such a special and magic 🌟💥🌈space where I can be me, connect with my essence, my dreams and clarify my thoughts 🥰. 


I have participated in the women's circuit for almost two years now and this circle has allowed me to explore myself, get to know myself better, communicate better with myself and with other women, although my favorite part is that I feel part of a tribe 👯‍♂️where I feel accompanied, listened to and valued.  

I also love how I have allowed myself to be more creative and have improved my meditation skills 🧘‍♀️.


There are so many things to be thankful for in this transformation process where sharing is the basis of everything.  

thank you 🙏 thank you !! for making this a reality. 

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