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About: Little Moons

Little Moons are little women's Circles for little girls. Little girls, who will soon become little ladies and grow on to become young ladies and eventually Women.

What's a Women's Circle? 

It's a safe space for little girls from Kindergarten to Year 6 to come together and connect to themselves and each other. We will come together once a month to do Yoga, Meditation, Journaling (creative writing) and Mindfulness.


I truly believe in the importance of little women coming together to connect, to each other and one another in a supportive way. Little Moons is all about nurturing and raising empowered little ladies who are connected to their authentic selves and have the necessary tools to be strong women. Our primary focus is to learn healthy coping skills; breathwork, meditation, mindfulness and practice Yoga. 


A bit about me. Hi I'm Jax, I'm a Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation teacher. I teach at Egg of the Universe in Rozelle. I'm also a 2nd year Counselling Student at ACAP. I've 3 nieces based in Ireland, who would love something like this. I would love for something like this program to be offered in all schools across NSW and even better internationally. I strongly believe empowered women, empower other women. If we can start to empower little women at a young age and begin to enstil values of inclusivity and connection the world would be a much better place. 

Three Girls


My Mission is to empower little women to become strong, independent confident little ladies who become women who know themselves and what they want.


To facilitate little women to be the best version of themselves through yoga, breathwork, meditation and creative play.  

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