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About Jax

A student of life, yoga teacher, breath work and women’s circle facilitator residing in Sydney. 


Jax has completed her hypnotherapy course and helps her clients cure bad habits such as anxious nail biting, quit smoking and performance enhancement. 


Her passion lies in supporting women to embody transformational healing and shift into higher levels of consciousness and well being.


Jax truely believes that empowered women, empower each other and others. Jax teaches from the heart and much of her teachings are based off her own life experiences and insights. She’s gregarious, warm hearted and has a vision to empower people all around her. 

About Moon Magic/k/

Moon Magick is a place for women to gather, connect, inspire and empower themselves and one another. Jax felt a deep calling to hold space for like minded women to come together and to unite under the power of the Full Moon once a month. After holding her first ever Women’s Circle Jax knew this was her life’s calling and passion, hence Moon Magic/K/ was founded in 2020. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Jax was able to hold space for her community and realised even more so the importance of women coming together to connect, unite and share during challenging times. 


Jax holds monthly women’s circle where women are invited to journal, meditate, move, dance, practice yoga and shed light on a chosen topic/theme or astrological event (Full Moon in Gemini etc) for the evening. The circles are usually themed around what is happening in current times as well as astrologically according to the sun, Moon and stars.


Let's connect

Drop me a message if you have any questions on my retreats, women's circles, my offerings or if you'd like to collab with me for yoga events.

Love and Light, Jax xx

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